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Energy Sector in India has seen a transformative change over the years, which has been driven by various factors like technology advancements, changing customer dynamics, government policies, and global energy trends. This sector contains a range of diverse domains which include electricity generation, distribution, and various energy production methods. The Energy Sector has played a significant role in contributing to India's thriving economy.
Our Key Focus Areas
Renewable Energy
Building the narrative of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and cascading down of goals to, Centre, State, Private, individual sectors and ultimately to individuals.
Oil and Gas
Provide expertise in optimising operations and strategies for oil and gas industry.
Assist clients in formulating comprehensive strategies for adoption of hydrogen-based technologies.
EV Charging
Support clients in planning and implementation of robust electric vehicle charging networks.
Energy Storage
Advise on advance energy storage solutions, including battery systems to optimize energy usage.

Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include:

Project Assessment
Leverage data analytics and industry expertise to maximize efficiency and reduce risk.
Market Risk Analysis
Provide insights into market trends, and risks, help clients make informed decisions.
Regulatory Compliance
Ensure compliance with local regulations and standards in the industry.
Access to Advantage Capital
Assist clients in gaining access to capital at rates below market average.
Team Profile
Davinder Sandhu
Co-Founder & Chairperson
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Anurag Singh
Managing Director
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Case Study
Efficient Power Usage and Tariffs for Farmers
Primus Partners had assisted a government department in conducting a study to support farmers by bringing efficiency in Power Consumption in the Agriculture Sector. This included analysing differential tariff mechanism for metered/unmetered farmers, and suggesting different approaches for providing cross-subsidy/subsidy to deserving consumers.