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Government of India committed an estimated Rs 10 lakh crore to over 700 welfare schemes in FY 21-22 with MNREGA, PM-KISAN, Jal Jeevan Mission & NHM contributing to 50% of the expenditure. States spend Rs. ~15 Lakh crore in welfare schemes. Combined, India apportions approximately 34% of its expenditure on benefit and welfare schemes every year. Despite such expansive interventions by the Governments, India has one of the highest number of BPL families with a poverty rate of around 20%.

Challenges Identified
  • Beneficiary Mapping:
    36.38% leakage of subsidized grains in PDS due to ghost beneficiaries
  • Benefit Disbursement:
    1.5% - 2% DBT transaction failures reported during last 3 years
  • Fund Utilization:
    55% fund utilization of NHM scheme in the year 2018
  • Lack of Awareness:
    Only 46% of eligible women farmers in Bihar are aware of KCC as per a survey.
Key Modules
Define a Family

Allows creation of a family and associated relationships between members.

Configure Schemes

Allows government stakeholders to configure welfare schemes based on eligibility criteria

One View Benefits

Allows families to view welfare schemes applied & additional schemes applicable to each member

Wallet Creation

Allow creation of benefits wallet consisting of member wise benefits received by family

Reporting & Analytics

Allows for monitoring & zero-based budgeting through data analytics on the collated data

Key Outcomes
Monitoring and Evaluation

Enhanced Transparency and tracking by citizens of welfare benefits received across all departments.

Complete Penetration

Reaching "last in line" families for welfare delivery and removing leakages.

Enhanced Outreach and Awareness

Proactive Identification of eligible beneficiary families