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The Indian healthcare sector is a rapidly growing part of the economy, spanning hospitals, medical devices, health insurance, telemedicine, clinical research, medical tourism, and equipment. With a heightened focus on healthcare accessibility and affordability post-COVID-19, Primus Partners collaborates with government, private, international, and non-profit organizations, bringing its expertise to the forefront.

Our Key Focus Areas
Public Health
Infrastructure advisory, resource optimization, digitalization, and the reinforcement of health referrals.
Guidance on regulatory matters, generic medication, supply chain management, and quality control and checks.
Medical Device
Advisory pertaining to Make in India, policy regulation etc.
Health Insurance
Advisory for expanding Universal Health Coverage.
Medical Tourism
Guidance on enhancing medical tourism.
Health Research
Advisory on R&D in pharmacy, clinical trials, biotechnology and genomics etc.

Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

Strategy, policy and regulatory
Strategy and roadmap creation for Government departments and organizations
Design, development, and Improvement of Digital Solutions
Helping clients in advising and assisting in transaction advisory, policy forming, etc.
Change Management
Helping organisation plan and adapt to the changes impacting their industry and organisations.
PPP Advisory
Assisting on Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare
Impact Assessment
Supervising and Assessing Policies and Projects to Improve Design and Implementation
Team Profile
Nilaya Varma
Co-Founder & CEO
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Vivek Tandon
Vice President
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Case Study
G20 - Complete Program Management support
Primus Partners played a vital role in G20 Working Groups, providing advisory services, drafting documents, facilitating international partnerships, assessing long-term implications, preparing materials for Ministerial Meetings, coordinating with the Ministry for Health and Family Welfare, and handling end-to-end logistics, including media-related activities.
Healthcare strengthening in a prominent State in South India
We are assisting the Public Health Department in achieving its defined result areas and disbursement-linked indicators to strengthen the State's health system, with a focus on improving public Health Quality, expanding primary healthcare services, and enhancing system responsiveness.
Advisory services for Public Health Department of a large State
Primus Partners enhanced project management, improved scheme outcomes, and implemented impactful health sector policies for the State.
Support to Medical Education and Drug Department to streamline processes
Primus Partners streamlined IT initiatives, identified best practices to enhance medical education, and supported public-private partnerships for the department in a prominent state.