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In an era of rapid urbanization, the challenges and opportunities within the urban sector have never been more pronounced. At Primus, with a multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of urban planning, engineering, finance, technology, environment etc. we are committed to extending our role beyond advisory to act as partners in shaping the future of urban living through driving sustainable growth, improve quality of life, and enhance urban resilience.
Our Key Focus Areas
Urban Planning and Design
Comprehensive urban planning solutions to promote sustainability, accessibility, and quality of life.
Infrastructure Development
Strategic support in Planning & managing infrastructure development projects that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability.
Transportation and Mobility
Developing Urban Transport solutions that prioritize public transit, reduce traffic congestion, and promote pedestrian-friendly infrastructure with the help of new transportation technologies.
Housing and Affordable Housing
Developing strategies to address housing shortages and affordability challenges to Improve housing quality and access to basic amenities for all urban residents.
Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening
Solutions to enhance institutional and individual capacities and competencies at functional, domain or behavioural dimensions to improve urban governance and management systems.
Tourism and Cultural Heritage
Promote sustainable tourism strategies that preserve cultural heritage while attracting visitors and enhance tourism infrastructure and services
Regulatory and Legislative Planning
Modernization of policies, acts, regulations and laws of urban planning and development to align with urban development goals of the stakeholders.
Financial Management and Funding Strategies
Explore financing options, including PPPs, to fund urban development projects and develop financial models and feasibility studies for urban initiatives.

Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

Strategies & Planning
Provide strategic support in managing complex and rapid changes covering future, growth & transition aspects.
Financial Management
Capacity Building to bring together multiple actors & processes to have an effective financial framework and drive investment.
Operational Efficiency Improvement
Optimization of processes, people, financials, and technology to create positive impact on satisfaction levels of business, profits, and systems.
Project Management and Implementation
Managing project life cycle with optimized resources and integrated approach that will drive the completion of the project's objectives.
Communication and Outreach
Strategies & practice for sharing information, create awareness, increase trust & communicate with larger audience.
Procurement and Transactions
Providing support in designing and exercising effective procurement & business models, Investment strategies, contractual frameworks.
Team Profile
Sameer Jain
Managing Director
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Shubham Katyayan
Vice President
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Case Study
Uttar Pradesh Awas Vikas Parishad
Development of a master plan and business model to attract genuine private investors of mixed land use development at UP.
Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs
Prepared JJM strategy, and reforms roadmap using the principles of Scale, Speed, Standards, and Sustainability. Encourage private sector participation.
Capacity Building Commission, GoI
Development of capacity building ecosystem for Urban Local Bodies under Mission Karmyogi to improve local Governance & citizen service delivery.
Town and Country Planning Department, Govt. of Haryana
Modernization and upgradation of the legislative framework, processes and services of the department to effectively handle the ever changing dynamics in the urban areas and manage the rapid urbanization needs of the state.
Navi Mumbai Municipal corporation
Drafting a policy document for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation to establish clear and formal parking regulations and procedures, enhancing parking and convenience within the city.