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From small "built to print" parts, components, structures to end-to-end design and development of major equipment and platforms, to the Chandrayaan — the Indian aerospace and defence industry has come a long way. The intent is to be self-reliant, and supply chain challenges due to geopolitical issues have further resulted in a concerted focus on domestic capabilities enhancement. This decade is challenging but laden with opportunities and it is imperative that the approach and progress be mapped accordingly to achieve targets.
Our Key Focus Areas
Increasing modernization, sustenance and export opportunities amid dynamic geopolitical, technology landscape.
Civil and Business Aviation
Fastest growing demand market with increasing prospects as a supply and logistics chain hub as well.
Cost effective and leading cognitive solutions driven by integration of industry with MSMEs and startups.
Unmanned Segment
Fast growing demand market with intent to integrate indigenous solutions into the growing civil and defence industries.
Growth in commercial and defence domain capabilities in repair, upgradation and overhaul, to be driven by trustworthy sustenance capabilities.

Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

Policy Advisory
Working with stakeholders to seamlessly understand, track and engage on policies and procedures.
Research and Analysis
Extensive research and analysis on industry dynamics, markets and stakeholders.
Entry and Growth Strategies
Industry and Entity commercial, financial and legal diligence studies supported by expert insights and solutions.
Working with clients to achieve the optimal and most efficient result.
Team Profile
Nilaya Varma
Co-Founder & CEO
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Amit Dugar
Vice President
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Pragya Priyadarshini
Vice President
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Case Study
Strategy and Policy advisory
Assisting a global A&D firm with their India plans by preparing a strategy and position paper and providing with a 5-year action plan coupled with highlighting opportunities for collaboration.
Growth strategy and sector diligence
Assisting an Indian conglomerate towards mapping their strategy in the sector while identifying new markets, product lines and collaborative opportunities.
Mapping the sector
A pan-India exercise to map the entire value chain of the sector in India while identifying areas requiring focus and interventions.
Consulting services towards resizing a government entity
Ideating and putting in place a plan towards resizing a government entity keeping in mind the requirements of the aerospace and defence ecosystem in the future.
Entry strategy
Working with a global automotive firm with respect to their India plans for the defence sector through policy advisory, market scoping and sizing.