Technology, Media and Telecom



India is at the cusp of a digital revolution. The country has been one of the leading players in the software industry and hardware manufacturing has also picked up in the recent times. India today is the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones and some of the largest global players are increasing their presence in the country.

India also has one of the largest mobile subscriber bases, one of the largest internet subscriber bases and is seeing one of the fastest 5G rollout. What makes the telecom space even more interesting, yet challenging, is that the country has one of the lowest data rates in the world.

India is also emerging as a pioneer in the Web3 space and is expected to have one of the largest Web3 workforce globally. The media segment is also seeing the country emerge as a AVGC hub. All in all, the country is at an exiting crossroad in the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) space.

Primus Partners has a team of experts to work across the entire value chain of the whole gamut of the TMT industry.

Our key focus areas

  • LogoTechnology, including High Tech and manufacturing
  • LogoNew age technology, including AI and Cloud
  • LogoSoftware, including products, enterprise solutions and platforms
  • LogoWeb3
  • LogoMedia and Communications
  • LogoTelecom, including Telecom infrastructure


Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

  • LogoStrategy – Strategy and roadmap for organizations, including support in operationalization and realization of the same.
  • LogoInvestment and grounding – Working with companies looking at investment in India, or working with Governments in helping them attract investment into the country or state
  • LogoSales enablement - Creating strategy and roadmap for market and sales enablement of products and solutions
  • LogoProcess improvement – Working with clients on process improvement, increasing operational efficiency, improving effectiveness of various functions, leading to positive impact on both top line and bottom line.
  • LogoTransformation – Advising and handholding clients on their organizational transformation journey.
  • LogoCapacity Building – Training need analysis, training and capacity building programs for organizations

Case Study

Increasing adoption of emerging technologies in the public sector

Primus Partners worked with a Fortune 500 client in the space of new age and emerging technologies to understand the training need of the public sector in this domain, conceptualize and curate a customized capacity building program and deliver it to public sector officials.

Digitally skilling and empowering youths

Primus Partners worked with a Fortune 500 client in the Social Media space to help digitally skill and empower a large number of youths from various tribal communities, including identifying and mobilizing renowned people from the industry to mentor and motivate the youths.

Strategy and roadmap for market enablement

Primus Partners worked with a Fortune 100 technology company to create a strategy and roadmap for market enablement of their solutions and products across certain industry verticals, including identifying areas of fitment between client requirements and the products and solutions offered.

Attracting investment in the Technology space

Primus Partners was associated with the IT/ Industry Department of State Governments to help attract investment from large companies operating in the IT / Technology space through enabling policies, hand-holding support, thus creating job opportunities in the State.