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The agriculture sector in India is crucial, with over 70% of rural households dependent on it. It contributes 17% to the GDP and employs 58% of the population.

Challenges include resource-intensive practices, small landholdings, climate change, and poor infrastructure.

Primus Partners utilizes its industry expertise and partnerships, including with government bodies, producer organizations, nonprofits, multilateral institutions, etc. to enhance farming, supply chains, and market linkages.

Our Key Focus Areas
Sustainable Farming
Promote sustainable farming methods, including water conservation, renewable energy, waste management, and micro irrigation.
Agri-marketing and Distribution
Assist in devising marketing, distribution, and supply chain strategies for agricultural products, connecting farmers with markets, and improving efficiency.
Agribusiness and Agri-processing
Cost effective and leading cognitive solutions driven by integration of industry with MSMEs and startups.
Provide tech-driven farming solutions using drones, IoT, and data analytics to optimize resource use.

Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

Digital Transformation
We guide clients in their digital transformation journey, helping them leverage data and technology for precision agriculture, marketing, and decision-making.
Agriculture Drone Solutions
Drone solutions for crop monitoring, pest control, yield prediction seed traceability solutions, etc. for providing real-time data for precise decision-making.
Government Policy and Regulation Compliance
Insights into agricultural policies and regulations, helping clients navigate compliance requirements, access subsidies, and leverage government incentives.
Mobile Apps and Digital Platforms
We help create custom digital platforms for farmers, facilitating access to information, market prices, crop management, and stakeholder connections.
Case Study
Transformation and Sustainable Development of Fisheries
Primus Partners partnered with a prominent Indian State Government to develop a roadmap for the fisheries sector, focusing on sustainable transformation through the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojna. Their efforts aim to streamline operations, boost productivity, increase fish farmers' income, enhance the marketing system, and develop technology and infrastructure.
Sensitization of Good Agriculture Practices through an MLB-funded project
To ensure profitable fruit exports, farmers need Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and Global GAP certification. This program, organized jointly by a prominent Farmer Producer Organisation and Farmer Producer Company and a state's Agribusiness Network Project, featured lectures from government and private sector experts.