India has a vibrant Chemical Industry and ranks #6 globally. The chemical industry is undergoing transformation due to technology, sustainability, environment, supply chain changes, changes in consumer behaviour, new materials, etc. Our forward thinking and practical perspective covering technology, supply chain, route to market, consumer behaviour, regulation, policy and incentives helps the industry navigate the complex challenges they face today.

Our capabilities include strategy, market insights, public policy, route to market and investment decisions. We differentiate ourselves by a) our deeper understanding of the chemical value chain and b) higher involvement of senior resources to give superior delivery.

Case Study

Fertilizers: District wise identification of Urea leakage points

The project involved identification of possible leakage points for subsidised Urea meant for agriculture. It involved identification chemicals and industries which could use urea as a raw material, analysis of their applications, analysis of their consumption patterns and geographical location. Through this exercise we were able to assess the extent of leakage and pin point possible areas of diversion. The project involved deep understanding of chemical value chains and advanced analytics of over 45 million data points .