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Climate change is one of the most defining crisis of our time. Climate Change challenges are complex and cannot be addressed effectively by one sector alone. A holistic, multidisciplinary and multisectoral approach is needed for addressing gaps and advancing coordination for climate action. Our approach focuses on an Integrated Climate Action framework, which identifies sectoral interventions for maximizing value creation and at the same time works on social dimensions of climate change.
Our Key Focus Areas
Devolution of climate goals
Building the narrative of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and cascading down of goals to, Centre, State, Private, individual sectors and ultimately to individuals.
Climate watchlist sectors
Climate watchlist sectors are of two kinds, Top contributor to climate change and worst affected due to climate change.
Approach focused on critical geographies
India's diverse topography requires area/ landform wise, focused interventions.
Adaptation v/s Mitigation
As the world is spending its energy and resources more on Climate Mitigation measures, the recent extreme weather events have made climate adaptation more significant and necessary than ever for India.

Our climate and sustainability solutions encompass the below:

Net Zero and ESG Strategy
Creation of roadmap and strategy to achieve net-zero and ESG goals
Institutional Strengthening for climate readiness
Engagement with key stakeholders for building individual and institutional capacities
Climate Adaptation Plans
Preparation of customized strategies that outline specific actions for addressing climate risks and building resilience
Benchmarking of Sustainability Practices
Qualitative and quantitative assessments, analysis of performance trends and actionable data of client
Sustainability Reporting
Assist organizations in effectively communicating their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance to stakeholders through comprehensive sustainability reports.
Team Profile
Sameer Jain
Managing Director
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Pooja Lahri
Vice President
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Case Study
Building Resilience to Climate Change in South-East Asia
Primus Partners has developed a regional synthesis report by land-scaping the regional achievements and progress of WHO South-East Asia Region in respect to the 12 action areas of the Male' Declaration on Building Health Systems' Resilience to Climate Change. The prepared compendium provides recommendations to strengthen health systems' resilience to climate change.
Watershed Development in a North-Eastern state
As part of the Watershed Development Initiative, Primus Partners is working on setting up a portfolio of solutions for implementation which includes livelihood and infrastructure development activities such as piggery, fish farming, bee keeping, poultry farming, check dams, contour bunding, percolation ponds, among others.
Blueprint Document on Energy and Climate Action
Developed an "Energy and Climate Action Blueprint" to describe and analyse the sectoral business support mechanisms pertaining to energy and climate for EU companies in India based on the experiences of Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues Project.
Market assessment of using Hydrogen as an alternate fuel
Preparation of the market assessment report entailed a thorough analysis of economic viability of hydrogen as a fuel along with the use of green hydrogen as an alternate fuel to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.
Multisectoral support for Health-Climate action in the SEA Region
Assisting WHO-SEARO in the preparation of a Discussion Paper and multi sectoral briefs to initiate climate linkages conversations across 11 SEA Region countries, for adoption of an integrated approach for climate-health action.