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Primus Partners specializes in guiding global investors in India and emerging economies. We offer expertise in market analysis, compliance, risk assessment, and strategy. Our role in leading state-level events showcases our commitment to fostering economic growth and cross-border investments.

Offerings And Services

Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

Location Assessment & Site Identification
Tools & frameworks strategically developed to assist investors identify most suited sites.
Support with Regulatory Compliance
4 Pillar approach designed through our experience to evaluate regulatory environment.
Incentive Structuring
Tailored incentives & investor support in State negotiations.
Handholding for Effective Aftercare
Ongoing Support to investors post the investment grounding.
Team Profile
Kanishk Maheshwari
Co-Founder & Managing Director
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Ayanjyoti Sarkar
Vice President
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Raksha Sharda
Vice President
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Case Study
Achieving INR 1,300 Crores Investment in 6 Months
Assisting leading homegrown investor in enhancing manufacturing capacities in the country and achieving import substitution by analyzing the factors of production, end to end supply chain, and infrastructure requirements.
Identifying New Foreign Investment Opportunities
Primus collaborates with a European partner in the Europe-India business corridor to enhance sustainable infrastructure investments. Through strong state government collaboration, we design effective models to foster investments and industrial partnerships, driving growth and sustainability in the region
Boosting Specific Industrial Clusters & Private Sector Participation:
Primus is supporting an Industrial Development Corporation in undertaking a detailed promotional strategy of the upcoming ESDM Park in the state. Also undertaking a comprehensive cluster study to identify the potential and attract investments in the park
Assisting Industrial Park Developers across Investment Realization
Primus is closely working with the leading industrial and economic park developers across various contours of Investment Realization.
Investment Promotion and Policy Advocacy
Primus is assisting an Indian state to formulate strategy to attract investments and rationalize regulatory burden to ease the doing business ecosystem in the state.
Facilitating small scale investment for a pilot project in a Western state of India
Team is assisting a legacy Indian company in location assessment for its greenfield manufacturing investment and incentive assistance in Government Schemes and move their manufacturing base in Western part of India. Team is providing support in location feasibility study, regulatory compliances, and grounding of facility.