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The era today is of Technology and we observed that technology plays a very important role in our daily lives right from the way we communicate, travel to interact with others or socialize. India is at a cusp of the making the most of the digital revolution with mobile and internet connectivity now being able to reach the last mile.

We bring the sector experts who would not only design, conceptualize your digital journey but will also handhold the implementation of various initiatives that come along. With a team having vast experience in technology and digital, we help clients in realizing their potential through digital transformation and ability to sustain it, thrive and grow. Our focus is to help clients utilize the power of data, identify and adopt new age technologies to provide an integrated and service driven customer and citizen experience through automation, digitization and digital involvement.

Offerings And Services

Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

Technology/IT Strategy
Strategy and roadmap creation for technology functions or organisations.
Innovations Visions
Design of innovation visions and roadmaps for the states or nations to enhance the competitiveness of the region.
Digital Solution Design
Conceptualise and design technology solutions to solve operational challenges or business needs or enhancing governance.
Analytics & Dashboard
Customised solution for data visualisation and representation.
Transformations Implementations
Designing and program management of largescale digital transformation projects.
IT Operations Model Design
Design of an IT operating model for the technology function of an organisation.
BPR & Change Management
Helping organizations plan and adopt to the changes impacting their industry or organization or business function due to IT Implementations.
Transaction Advisory and Bid Management
Assisting in making a truly informed, unbiased judgment about risk and returns.
Ecosystem Assessment
National and international benchmarking. Suggestions from stakeholders across the ecosystem - academic institutions, competitors, policy-makers, think tanks, industry.
Implement & Execute
Pilot, handholding execution, training & handover of the solution / initiative to the department / council with capacity building.
Team Profile
Devroop Dhar
Co-Founder & Managing Director
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Arun Moral
Managing Director
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Avijit Dhar
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
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Prateek Gupta
Vice President
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Suraj Soman
Vice President
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Case Study
Devising the IT roadmap and digital transformation for Caribbean nation
Undertook digital transformation for various departments like home, health, emigration, finance etc. Devised the UID strategy and eVisa modules.
Advisory for developing an Over The Top (OTT) platform for national broadcaster
Creating an IT Roadmap and a strategy for implementation of OTT platform considering the content availability and usage of advance analytics.
Advisory services for a Hon. CM flagship project for Citizen Services
Conceptualization of the processes, Business Process Re-Engineering and Technology mapping, development support and implementation.
Advisory services for National Center for Disease Control
Mapping of the Technology Roadmap and integration of various discreet applications for creating an uniform IT platform.
Business Process Re-Engineering and IT solution for African Telecom Taxation
Studying the current processes and undertaking a Business Process Re-Engineering exercise for standardising the processes, conceptualizing the technology interventions required to make the taxation systems more consumer friendly.