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Retrofit For a Greener Future | Accelerating electric vehicle adoption

Primus Partners unveils its latest report titled, 'Retrofit For A Greener Future' in collaboration with the European Business & Technology Centre explores this expanding market, emphasizing its critical role in making existing vehicles future-ready and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The report delves into the growing market of electric vehicle (EV) retrofitting in India, highlighting its potential to catalyze the adoption of green transportation. It underscores retrofitting as a practical pathway for transitioning India's existing vehicle fleet to electric, aligning with environmental goals and reducing dependance on fossil fuels.

The comprehensive document encapsulates insights from policymakers and industry experts, examining retrofitting's role in extending vehicle longevity, reducing operating costs, and contributing to a circular economy. The report proposes policy recommendations and market enablers to overcome technical, safety, and financial challenges in the retrofitting industry.Read Now !