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Enhancing Consumer Rights in the Indian Online Gaming Sector

The online gaming industry in India has experienced remarkable growth, drawing in a diverse range of consumers. However, this expansion has presented challenges concerning consumer safety, prompting the need for proactive measures to safeguard gamers' rights and interests. 

Primus Partners recently organized a roundtable discussion to address these challenges and promote responsible gaming practices. 
The session brought together a diverse group of experts including online gaming industry associations, legal luminaries specializing in consumer rights and online gaming, representatives from players' welfare associations, think tanks, academicians, and researchers specializing in gaming regulations and consumer rights, as well as mental health professionals from one of India’s premier medical institutes. Together, we delved into strategies to bolster consumer rights, with a particular emphasis on addressing areas like advertisements and potential misleading practices. 

The insights gathered from these discussions are now presented in the form of a white paper titled: Enhancing Consumer Rights in the Indian Online Gaming Sector, which encapsulates the primary findings and recommendations derived from these dialogues.