Transport & Logistics


Transportation and Logistics is the backbone for a variety of activities in an economy. The transport and logistics sector of India has immense potential and under the National Infrastructure Pipeline project, major emphasis is put on it w.r.t augmenting the infrastructure of transport and logistics sector, to make it efficient enough to fulfil the future needs of the sector. The government has planned a plethora of projects w.r.t sub-sectors of transport and logistics sector i.e. road, railways, ports and railways under the NIP. During COVID 19, the transport and logistics sector is at the frontline by fulfilling the need and demands of the nation at the time of the pandemic. According to the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), the logistics sector has emerged as one of the top employment-generating sectors in India in the aftermath of the coronavirus disease. The transport and logistics sector of India has immense potential.

Primus Partners has a team of experts to work across the entire value chain of transportation and logistics to help clients realize the full potential. We have expertise and experience of working with Government departments, supply chain companies, multilaterals, donors.


Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

  • LogoSmart Logistics
  • LogoPolicy & Regulatory Advisory
  • LogoTechnology Upgradation
  • LogoPublic-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • LogoTotal Logistic Cost Analysis
  • LogoLogistic Cost Optimization

Case Study

Smart Logistics

Primus Partners is working with the government to introduce Smart Logistics in the transportation of coal from the production Centres to consumption centres. The goal is to introduce advanced technology like IoT, Satellite Tracking, RFID, etc. and to augment the current technologies being used, like Railway FOIS and CIL MIS. This will lead to higher efficiency and effectiveness in the transportation of coal.

Consultancy support for logistics park

Primus Partners is providing consultancy to an Indian conglomerate on expansion strategy of the group for logistics sector to identify potential areas. It is also providing policy advocacy support by evaluating various policies and incentives available for existing and emerging business areas along with providing support for execution of the business strategy.

Multi Modal Coal Logistics Plan

Primus Partners is working with the government to develop a multi modal coal logistics plan. The premises of the multi modal coal logistics plan include optimization of cost, time and emission in using coal across different modes of transportation i.e. road, railway and waterways by using coal in the most effective and efficient manner.