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Can ODR be the Game Changer for the Digital Economy?: Recommendations to Empower the Digital Nagriks

Primus Partners’ report "Can ODR be the Game Changer for the Digital Economy? Recommendations to Empower the Digital Nagriks" provides a comprehensive analysis of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in the context of India's digital economy. The report discusses the opportunities and challenges to implement ODR in India, highlighting its potential to revolutionize dispute resolution in the digital sector.  
The report emphasizes the need for a robust ODR system to efficiently address the high volume of digital economy-related disputes and grievances and underscores the importance of integrating advanced technologies for a user-friendly platform. The report offers a roadmap for establishing an effective ODR framework in India and empowering India’s Digital Nagriks, taking into consideration legal, structural, and operational challenges. Additionally, it includes case studies and international benchmarks, demonstrating the effectiveness of ODR in various contexts. 
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