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Moving the Needle | April 2024

In this edition of Moving the Needle, we highlight some of the more important topics that we believe will have an impact on India’ growth journey. From strategic partnerships and relationships to railway infrastructure, from investments in startups to India’s naval defence ecosystem, from AI in healthcare to the total flow of resources in the country as well as the skilled labour scenarios. India requires an all-round growth to be able to achieve the targets for the economy. In our expert section, we feature Dr Jaya Garg, Director at FOXBase Technologies Pvt Ltd, a company operating in the government and public services vertical with focus on new technologies in the security solutions space while also ensuring enablement of green initiatives. Like we have always maintained, this decade is very important for India and growth herein will lay a strong foundation for the coming decades as well. We hope you find this edition a valuable read and look forward to your inputs and suggestions.