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Monthly Policy Note | November 2022


And yet again, it appears that the festival of lights has passed by as soon as it had arrived. It is a reminder that everything is transient and hence while it is important to plan ahead, it is equally important to live in the moment. Wishing you and yours prosperous and healthy years ahead. Rise and Shine!

In this edition of the Monthly Policy Note, we cover the various segments as usual – (1) attempting to look at how 2023 looks from where we stand today, (2) highlighting the impact of crude prices on both the economies as well as the geopolitical scenarios (3) highlighting India’s attempts towards having further seamless logistics as well as (4) how climate change impacts the tourism sector. We discuss how Theatre commands are a key focus area with respect to national security and also look at both the economic and social conditions that impact individual and societal viewpoints. For our expert section, we have Dr. G Satheesh Reddy, SA to RM, sharing his inputs on the innovation ecosystem in India and his vision for the future.