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Monthly Policy Note | December 2022


The calendar year 2022's last edition of Monthly Policy Note makes for an interesting reading. Sector agnostic digitization, digitalization, collaborations and sustainability measures are the key themes that will be carried forward into 2023 and in to this decade as well. The write ups in this edition focus on these themes while also highlighting the importance of a dedicated thought process across sectors to ensure maximum efficiency. The write ups in this edition are a mix of traditional as well as innovative approaches to enable India's fast paced growth objectives. In the Expert Section, we have Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri - Founder, Chairman and MD of Ananth Technologies share his inputs on the galloping space economy in India. Hope the year gone by was productive and with good health. Here is wishing you, our readers, a more productive year ahead! Keep reading and keep sharing your inputs and suggestions!