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Monthly Policy Note | August 2022


This edition of the Monthly Policy Note looks at some core aspects that have and / or will define India’s path in this decade. There are multiple transformational tracks that India is parallelly taking. Be it the digital revolution that is being optimally leveraged in every sector or be it the indigenization and strategic autonomy when it comes to defence and security – no stone is being left unturned. Infrastructure, healthcare, financial services as well as climate change – holistic developmental plans and interventions are being planned and efforts are being made for efficient execution. In all of this, a long-term vision-enabled policy formulation along with an R&D based culture plays a major role and that too is being addressed to be in sync with the evolving times. The attempt is to be ahead in the race instead of just playing catch up. Having completed 75 years of independence, this decade will define our next 75 years at the least