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Monthly Policy Brief | November & December 2023

In our latest edition of the Monthly Policy Brief, we bring you a comprehensive overview of the most significant policy developments from the past two months that are poised to shape the socio-economic landscape of India. These will also help the readers navigate the policy ecosystem before the election season kicks in. Our experts examine policies such as the Digital Advertisement Policy, highlighting the government’s effort to connect with the new-age digital audience, and the Draft Broadcasting Services Bill, which aims to replace the fragmented framework while encompassing digital broadcasters. The Brief also delves into the recent ‘Green’ initiatives, their significance, and CCPA's consumer protection-based directives for online marketplaces. The government’s efforts to accelerate drone adoption, including in the agriculture sector, are also of focus here. We also discuss significant updates that will help India push the Ease of Doing Business criterion and boost the country’s export potential, such as the restructuring of the angel tax regime for startups, and the ease in certification under the new Foreign Trade Policy. 

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