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Manthan | Education Newsletter | February 2024

We lie at the crux of the transition from the traditional to the modern in education. In this edition of 'Manthan', we delve into this evolving landscape. In the first article, we explore the resurgence of the back-to-basics movement, aimed at preserving the essence of traditional educational practices at a time when it is being increasingly digitised. Next, in our second article, through insights from the industry, start-up space, bureaucracy, and higher education, we present a look at how best to adapt to the transformative waves of AI which have revolutionalized the way we teach and learn, offering new opportunities for personalized learning, data-driven decision-making, and innovative pedagogical approaches. Furthermore, in our third article, we present an analysis of the most recent Government of India's budget allocations (2024-25 interim budget) and the roadmap it presents for the education and skills sector of the country.