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Far and Wide | May 2024 (III)

This week’s headline features a story from Asia: India signs a 10-year deal with Iran to develop Chabahar port, bypassing Pakistan's ports; despite U.S. sanctions, investment of $370 million aims to boost regional trade; challenges from U.S. warnings addressed as India eyes further investments to enhance connectivity. 
Europe:  Despite EU warnings, Georgia's Parliament passed a controversial foreign agents bill requiring media and NGOs with over 20% foreign funding to register as 'agents of foreign influence,' sparking public protests and risking EU candidacy and potential U.S. sanctions.
North America:  President Biden announces sharp tariff hikes on Chinese products, including EVs and solar cells, aiming to counter unfair trade practices and potentially boosting India's manufacturing and export opportunities.
South America: India and Peru to hold the 8th round of trade agreement negotiations in July, focusing on lowering customs duties, addressing trade barriers, and accessing Peru's critical lithium reserves.

Asia: India signed a 10-year contract with Iran to develop and operate the Chabahar port, enhancing strategic ties and facilitating trade routes to Afghanistan and Central Asia, despite ongoing U.S. sanctions on Iran.
Australia:  Australia unveils new innovation visa to attract global talent, replacing ineffective migrant programs, scrapping 'golden visa,' and implementing a visa ballot system for applicants from India, China, and Vietnam, while offering opportunities for skilled Indian professionals to contribute to the country's growth.

Africa: South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa signs law for universal healthcare despite opposition pushback, aiming to address stark inequalities in healthcare access, though implementation challenges and criticisms arise ahead of general elections. Read Now!