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Far and Wide | May 2024 (II)

This week’s headline features a story from Africa:
Widespread flooding in Kenya has led to 44 confirmed cases of deadly cholera and over 270 fatalities, prompting health facility closures. The situation, exacerbated by contaminated water sources and damaged sanitation facilities, has sparked fears of a regional health crisis across East Africa, with impacts extending to education and psychosocial wellbeing, as seen in suspended school re-openings and concerns over child welfare.
Europe:  EU countries approve groundbreaking law mandating most new heavy-duty vehicles to be emissions-free by 2040, aiming for a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions, with progressively stringent targets for fleet emissions, despite objections from some nations.

North America:  The Biden administration's addition of 37 Chinese entities to a trade restriction list, including China Electronics Technology Group units, highlights tensions over suspected spy balloon support and technology acquisition, furthering US efforts to curb sensitive tech access.

South America: Chinese investments in Latin America are shifting to focus on decarbonization and renewable energies, using technologies that are strategic for the future of the global economy.  

Asia: According to a report compiled by the GTRI, China has taken the title of India's largest trading partner for the fiscal year 2023-24, with a bilateral trade volume reaching $118.4 billion.

Australia:  Australia's student visa rules: Canberra has recently updated the guidelines for student visa applicants, effective from May 10. The minimum savings required to enter the country on a student visa has been raised. The recent changes in visa policies are aimed at addressing rental housing shortage issues across the country after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in 2022. 

Africa: Widespread flooding in Kenya triggers deadly cholera outbreak, claiming lives, closing health facilities, and prompting urgent public health advisories amid fears of escalating waterborne diseases and compromised sanitation, as the broader East Africa region faces similar risks. Read Now!