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Far and Wide | May 2023 (V)


This week, our cover story delves into the intriguing developments between China and South Korea in the semiconductor industry. While China emphasized its commitment to strengthening dialogue and cooperation on semiconductor supply chains with South Korea, the absence of any mention of chip-related discussions from South Korea is noteworthy. This raises intriguing questions about the delicate position that South Korea finds itself in, as it walks a tightrope between its military ally, the United States, and its largest trade partner, China. 


South Korea's involvement in the Chip 4 Alliance, alongside the US, Japan, and Taiwan, is seen as an effort to stabilize semiconductor supply chains but also raises the possibility of excluding China. This puts South Korea in a delicate predicament as it navigates its economic ties with China and its security cooperation with the US. A significant portion of South Korean semiconductor exports, along with other vital products, finds its destination in China. Disruptions in trade could deal a heavy blow to South Korea's core industries. The recent talks took place against the backdrop of ongoing debates between South Korea and the US regarding limitations on semiconductor production expansion in China. These developments underscore the intricate complexities and strategic considerations faced by South Korea as it navigates the ever-evolving global tech landscape. Read More!