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Far and Wide | May 2023 (IV)

This week, our cover story delves into the scorching heat waves that have gripped Asia, exacerbating the region's dependence on Russian energy. As countries across Asia struggle to secure an adequate energy supply to keep the lights on and combat the sweltering temperatures, an unexpected beneficiary emerges — Russia. With its energy resources shunned by the West, Russian energy has become increasingly appealing to Asian economies grappling with the challenges of power generation in what could be a record-breaking year for heat.


As if the challenges weren't daunting enough, an emerging El Niño weather pattern looms, further intensifying the impetus for Asian countries to rely on Russian energy to combat power shortages. The situation has prompted questions about the waning influence of the United States and the difficult choices faced by poorer nations in meeting their energy needs. China, India, and other Asian nations have become the primary buyers of Russian energy, with some even exploring long-term deals and alternative payment methods. This shift not only highlights the declining influence of the US but also underscores the dilemma faced by nations seeking to balance their own interests with international dynamics. Read More!