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Far and Wide | March 2024 (II)

This week’s headline features a story from Asia; India aims to establish a FTA and share knowledge with South Korea. This initiative aims to facilitate easier access to the South Korean market and significantly boost Indian seafood exports. 
Europe: In a recent post by Position Green, the firm outlined how its technology can help transform sustainability reporting in the EU. 

North America: Endava (NYSE: DAVA), a prominent technology services firm that blends top-tier engineering, industry knowledge, and a human-centric approach, has finalized a definitive agreement to acquire full ownership of GalaxE Group, Inc. ("GalaxE"), a global provider of IT and business solutions with its headquarters located in New Jersey, United States.
South America: In a notable shift from historical reliance on fossil fuels, Latin America is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Led by Costa Rica, Brazil, and Chile, the continent is rapidly emerging as a frontrunner in global renewable energy initiatives. This shift is not merely a change in energy sources; it represents a profound economic opportunity and a commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.

Asia: India aims to boost seafood exports through trade relations with South Korea and knowledge sharing in aqua and seafood 

Australia: The Australian standards target generative AI’s misuse potential but Microsoft says its ability to flag problematic material could be hurt too.

Africa: International Finance Corporation (IFC) and technology-focused investment firm Solcon Capital have partnered to explore investment opportunities in the deep tech sector in India and South Africa.Read Now!